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In danger of losing more than half its current U.S. range

Auk the Vote! is an entirely grassroots campaign. We have no paid staff, no office space, no product lines, no partisan affiliations, and no 501(c)(3) status. We are birders rising to the unprecedented challenge of the current moment, doing all we can to protect the birds, the habitats, & the communities — natural & human — that we love.

Auk the Vote! was created by David and Laura, two birders in Oakland, CA who met last spring at a meeting about local conservation efforts. After the meeting, they got to talking about climate-change strategy and quickly realized they shared the same sense of urgency and the same short-term priority: to make sure the 2020 elections turn our government 180-degrees around, away from fighting science and toward fighting climate change.

David shared an idea he’d been mulling over for months: mobilizing birders to play a much larger role in the 2020 elections than they’d played in any election before. Laura immediately saw the possibilities: with our close networks across the country, and our shared passion for birds and nature, birders are a unique group, one that could be activated particularly effectively by peer-to-peer organizing — birders contacting birders!

After surveying the existing landscape where environmental activism meets voter engagement, and consulting with leaders of some of the field’s top organizations, David and Laura honed their vision down to a simple, efficient strategy, one that magnifies, rather than duplicates, the election-focused work already being done by environmental and environmental-justice organizations. 

Laura’s friend and fellow birder Ilana researched and wrote a Bird’s Eye View of the 2020 Elections, which David’s friend Kristen designed. Kristen then designed our website.

Meanwhile, David got in contact with Empower, which supplied their easy-to-use app as well as expert training and guidance in relational organizing.

With those pieces in place, Auk the Vote! launched on August 10th, and we’ll be reaching out to birders and getting them involved in Get Out The Vote work right up through election day (November 3rd). 

Join Us! The larger our flock, the more successful we’ll be in turning our passion for birds and nature into an unstoppable force to protect them!